3rd Eye Technician Training

Improve your technician’s diagnostic, repair, maintenance, and operation abilities with 3rd Eye Nexteligence training programs.

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We have carefully developed the Nexteligence training program to increase the technical expertise of your technicians to reduce repair time for the fleets you service, increase productivity of your 3rd Eye products or that of your customers – and provide your technicians with invaluable troubleshooting knowledge that they can then use to train other technicians.

Comprehensive Training That Includes

  • Camera, monitor, gateway, and digital operation
  • Troubleshooting of 3rd Eye products
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Much more

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3rd Eye Camera Systems Technical Training Programs

Help Your Technicians Take Their Skills And Knowledge To The Next Level

We’re proud to offer the Nexteligence Training Platform, designed to enhance the expertise of  technicians working with the 3rd Eye product line.

The Nexteligence program focuses on improving technician diagnostic, repair and maintenance skills, aiming to decrease system repair times and increase productivity of 3rd Eye camera systems, monitors, gateways, and digital systems. It equips technicians with advanced troubleshooting knowledge, which they can use to further train their peers. This program not only improves service efficiency but also strengthens your team’s capability, ensuring high-quality support for your fleet.

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Nexteligence Training Certification

The Nexteligence Connected Tech Certification program recognizes a level of achievement for the requisite technical knowledge and experience in servicing 3rd Eye equipment.

Connected Tech Certification Consists of 3 Elements:

  • Product Specific MAT Courses
  • Connected Tech Course
  • Practical Shop Experience

Practical Shop Experience

The true success of any training program is measured by the trainee’s ability to apply what is learned in a real-world environment. Each certification level requires that “shop time” be documented and certified by their shop’s Maintenance Manager.

3rd Eye Nexteligence training certification levels

Get Started Now At No Cost To You.
Bronze Training Is Completely Free Of Charge.

Take your facility to the next level with 3rd Eye Nexteligence Training. Get started today and increase the productivity in your shop, reduce repair time for your fleets, and give the members of your team a valuable training experience. Nexteligence Bronze training is completely free of charge with absolutely no obligation. What better way to help your technicians improve their skills and discover the value of this state-of-the-art training program.

Basic Hydraulics, Basic Electronics, Product Specific Maintenance, Adjustment, and Troubleshooting (MAT)

  • Hosted at 3rd Eye Training Center in Fort Payne, Alabama
  • 2.5 day training event (typically Tues-Thur)
  • Travel, hotel expenses not included
  • See training schedule for dates / products
  • Contact Us For Info for pricing and additional details

Nexteligence On-Site MAT Training

  • On-Site at your location (or as arranged)
  • One product trained per day including classroom and hands-on experience
  • Up to 20 students per class
  • Minimum 2 days per event (typically Tuesday-Thursday) For example; a two day event can be one product for two days or two different products for one day each
  • Local site to provide:
    • Training space with tables and chairs for each trainee*
    • Projector and screen for presentations*
    • Lunch arrangements for all trainees*
    • Appropriate truck for hands-on training session*
  • Contact Us for pricing and additional details

(*If not available, please contact 3rd Eye to arrange at additional cost)

Nexteligence On-Site Responsive Training

  • On-Site at your location (or as arranged)
  • One day training session
  • Up to 20 students per class
  • Minimum 2 days per event (typically Tuesday-Thursday)
  • Local site to provide any needed resources
  • Contact 3rd Eye for pricing and additional details

Nexteligence Connected Tech Training

3rd Eye Service Shack Tutorial Videos

Service Shack Tutorial Video Series

The 3rd Eye Service Shack® step by step tutorial video series is a completely free resource, available to our customers 24/7 . Our Service Gurus cover a wide range of easy-to-understand tutorials that can save your technicians hours of valuable time, and keep your 3rd Eye cameras, monitors, and digital systems in peak operating condition.

Technicians – bookmark the Service Shack page, and be sure to check back often. We’ve got a huge library, and new videos are being added regularly.

Visit The 3rd Eye Service Shack

Take Your Technicans’ Abilities To The Next Level

Help you technicians gain a mastery of your 3rd Eye products and systems with the Nexteligence Training program. Give it a spin with our Bronze level courses, they’re free of charge with no obligation.

3rd Eye Training Courses Forming Now

Increase your technician’s knowledge of 3rd Eye products with our comprehensive training courses. In just days, they’ll master installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more, ensuring maximum performance of your 3rd Eye systems.

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