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Contamination Detection Solutions

Automatically detect and prevent costly contamination from pickup to final processing.

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Automatically identify and associate contamination directly at the source.

3rd Eye contamination detection solutions utilize cameras mounted on garbage trucks, scale houses, and tipping floors to passively detect and associate contamination with the responsible party, all without manual inspection or action. From collection to final processing, 3rd Eye provides contamination detection solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability, while boosting your bottom line.

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Key Features

  • Improve Sustainability
  • Simplify/Improve Compliance
  • Reduce operator interaction
  • Fewer rejected loads at MRF
  • Identify non-compliant customers
  • Optimize efficiency
  • Enhance Safety
  • Boost Revenue

recycling contamination detection software garbage truck route

Route Contamination Detection With No Driver Interaction.

3rd Eye Route Contamination Detection automates the identification of prohibited and specialty items on waste collection routes. 3rd Eye in-body-mounted smart cameras continuously scanning the hopper, identifying and associate contamination with the responsible customer, all without manual driver actions. Help educate customers, automatically add contamination fees to repeat offenders, and increase diversion of contamination from recycling and organic streams.

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Facility Contamination Detection With No Driver Interaction Required.

3rd Eye Facility Contamination Detection system automates the identification of prohibited and specialty items at waste management facilities. With camera systems continuously scanning the tipping floor, it pinpoints unwanted materials, linking them directly to their source. This enhances efficiency by increasing diversion rates, simplifying billing with photo evidence, and eliminating the need for post-delivery sorting. It also improves safety and recovers lost revenue by removing manual inspection bottlenecks. Implementing 3rd Eye streamlines operations and supports sustainability, making waste management more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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MRF facility and tipping station contamination detection

Contamination compliance software solutions

Contamination Detection Solutions That Simplify Compliance.

With jurisdictions typically passing compliance requirements to contract holders, haulers have an opportunity to not only win more business by meeting the requirement, but also increase profitability by doing so efficiently. While the guidance allows for manual (physical) route reviews, this method has historically been unsafe, expensive, and resource dependent. 3rd Eye’s Contamination Detection module offers an automated solution to plan, execute and report on annual route reviews as required by SB 1383 and similar legislation.

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Educate Your Customers.
Increase Landfill Diversion.
Recoup Contamination Costs.

With typical ROI in HOURS, the 3rd Eye Contamination Detection module could be the smartest thing you do for your business this year. Contact the 3rd Eye experts today for a free, no-obligation demo.

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