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Fully-Integrated Cameras That Improve Safety, Productivity, And Bottom Lines.

With up to eight truck cameras providing 360° of visibility, 3rd Eye seamlessly integrates industry-leading technology and live monitoring to provide powerful solutions that improve safety, productivity, and profitability, connecting fleets directly to their customers. This integration enables the addition of unlimited modular software solutions that collect and analyze volumes of data, all presented in an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, providing the information you need to make better decisions, faster.

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Integrated Truck cameras and camera systems for vehicle fleets

Truck Driver Fleet Productivity Software Solutions

Let Your Drivers Drive.
We’ll Handle The Rest.

3rd Eye combines innovative heavy-duty truck camera systems with advanced smart and AI technology that automatically solve problems that historically have required manual driver actions. Our extensive range of subscription-based software solutions are highly customizable for any industry or application, enabling fleets to maximize safety, productivity, and profitability, empowering drivers to focus on safely operating their vehicle. With 3rd Eye, let your drivers drive, we’ll handle the rest.

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Advanced Software Solutions, Seamlessly Integrated With Your 3rd Eye Camera System.

Driver Safety

Safety & Driver Education/Development

3rd Eye’s Tracking and Compliance solutions provide comprehensive visibility of fleet activities. They automatically track both current and historical truck locations, and efficiently compile data for accurate IFTA/Fuel Tax reporting, thus removing the need for manual driver input and extensive research by accounting teams.

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Positive Service Verification

Positive Service Verification

Automated Positive Service Verification utilizes 3rd Eye cameras and AI technology to document each route stop with video/photo, ensuring fleets have full visibility into when and where services occur, (or why they didn’t). All data is readily available in the Eye-Site portal, maximizing efficiency and customer service

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Contamination Detection

Contamination Detection

3rd Eye camera systems, integrated with smart AI technology, detect contamination in commercial or residential waste containers effortlessly, eliminating the need for driver action. Receive automatic contamination alerts, and efficiently educate or fine customers to minimize recycling contamination, ensure compliance, and maximize driver productivity.

Contamination Detection Solution

Container Overloaded Detection

Overloaded Container Detection

3rd Eye camera systems, integrated with advanced AI technology, automatically identify overloaded containers. This empowers waste fleets to educate or automatically bill habitual offenders. Effortlessly recover unbilled fees and enhance productivity, all without requiring drivers to leave the cab for photo documentation.

Overloaded Container Detection

Vehicle Analysis

Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Vehicle Health solutions monitor chassis and body, identifying issues BEFORE they occur. This system alerts maintenance personnel of impending service needs, automatically generates work orders, and orders parts well in advance of the required service date, saving time and labor, and ensuring your fleet operates at peak efficiency.

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Vehicle Tracking and Compliance

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking and Compliance solutions offer complete visibility into the activities of your fleet. Track the precise location of your trucks, past and present, with comprehensive data automatically compiled for accurate IFTA/Fuel Tax reporting, eliminating the the need for manual input from drivers or research by accounting teams.

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What Our Customers Have To Say.

You need to embrace new technology, you’ve got to think outside the box, and you’ve got to differentiate yourself from other people in the business. This is the tool that helps you operate safer, leaner, and improves the bottom line.

Louie Pellegrini
President, Mission Trail Waste System

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Complete Camera And Technology Solutions Perfect For Any Fleet

Modular Technology Solutions For Your Specific Needs

3rd Eye specializes in providing modular software subscription solutions that integrate seamlessly with our advanced camera systems, significantly enhancing your fleet management capabilities. Our tailored approach is designed to target your specific needs, aiming to improve safety, efficiency, customer service, and profitability. 3rd Eye experts are industry veterans who act as trusted advisors, and can provide a customize plan to meet your unique requirements and elevate your fleet operations to new heights.

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