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Innovative solutions that provide invaluable insight into driver safety and behavior while on the road.

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24/7 Expert Monitoring.
Actionable Insights, No Clutter.

Many of the most successful companies in the industry rely on 3rd Eye Driver Education and Development solutions to maximize operator safety and productivity. Designed for consistent behavioral coaching in easily consumable amounts, 3rd Eye safety solutions provide actionable insights rather than overwhelming informational clutter.

The 3rd Eye digital platform helps create an environment of driver understanding, helping guide your team towards improved, safer behavior. Features such as video requests, live streaming, and digestible coaching materials allow 3rd Eye to help keep your team on target for a safer, more productive tomorrow.

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Truck Camera Monitoring Service

Up To Eight Cameras.
360° Of Safety Coverage.

3rd Eye Driver Education & Development utilizes industry-leading camera systems and specialized hardware, seamlessly integrated with with smart technology to monitor driver activity. This powerful solution identifies safety anomalies in driver behavior and captures HD video footage. The video footage, along with telematic data is uploaded to the cloud to create specialized safety events, which are reviewed by a team of expert specialists who flag best practice criteria, creating reliable coaching materials.

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3rd Eye Has Increased Our Driver Safety Dramatically.

3rd Eye Safety & Driver Education/Development technology has been a game-changer for us, improving driver performance, preventing injury or deaths, and saving costly insurance claims when our drivers are not at fault. We now see exactly how each driver performs, and can instantly view accident footage from every angle, allowing us to know exactly what is happening in and around our trucks at all times.”

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery
Concord, CA

Mission Trail Waste Systems

Truck camera accident recording playback

Connected Cameras Always Recording.
On-Demand Safety Video Requests.

Eliminate “he said, she said” situations with the opportunity to know exactly what happens on your routes. Thanks to intelligent 3rd Eye smart cameras and integrated technology, our systems are always recording, both inside and outside your vehicles.

Through our easy-to-use interface, you can easily identify any point in time and/or an address, and request a 3rd Eye vehicle event. These events contain video that can help you understand what truly happened, with irrefutable, documented video proof.

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Improve Safety & Performance Through Driver Education & Development.

The 3rd Eye’s best-in-class coaching processes have been developed through years of comprehensive research into safety standards, behaviors, rules, and regulations. Our system not only triggers and dispatches events to 3rd Eye’s expert team of safety analysts but also ensures each event is reviewed with the utmost attention to detail. Thanks to our versatile solution set, we can meet a wide range of requirements and offer best-in-class guidance, ensuring continuous improvement in driver safety and performance. All events are clearly visualized on an intuitive dashboard, offering a straightforward safety summary for optimal management.

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Truck Driver Monitoring & Safety Coaching

360° Camera Coverage.
On-Demand HD Video.
Powerful Driver Coaching.

3rd Eye is committed to providing best-in-class, intelligent solutions that have a significant impact on the safety and productivity of our customers’ teams. With cutting-edge camera systems and technology, coupled with expert monitoring, we’re proud to have earned the reputation as the industry leader in real-world safety solutions that keep your employees safe. 

Contact the 3rd Eye Safety experts today and see how our Safety / Driver Education and Development solutions can improve operator behavior, increase safety, and reduce costs.

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