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Road Use, Excise Fuel Tax, and IFTA Tax Filing & Reporting Software

Innovative automated compliance technology solutions to simplify fuel and IFTA tax filing and reporting.

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Automated Vehicle Use Data.
Right At Your Fingertips.

3rd Eye Vehicle Tracking simplifies information management. Our intelligent system tracks vehicle utilization, ensuring accurate data storage and logging. By capturing critical information from the vehicle messaging network, we translate it into actionable insights for your business, enabling faster and better-informed decisions.

We extract valuable information such as your vehicle’s location history, fuel consumption, operating hours, and mileage. These details serve various contractual obligations and business processes. By utilizing our solutions, your drivers can concentrate on operating their equipment instead of administrative tasks and bureaucracy.

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Invaluable Information, All Automated In Its Collection:

  • Auditable data with customized data storage plans
  • Variable information sharing models for ease of data access
  • Partner recommendations for taxation filing and compliance
  • Near real-time data access for on-demand viewing
  • Optimize operational standards and practices
  • Understand asset utilization and monitoring

Road Use, Excise Fuel Tax, and IFTA Tax Reporting is Complex.
3rd Eye Makes It Simple.

Compliance can be complicated, requiring careful data collection for accurate reporting. Understanding the right forms, filing requirements, and choosing an advisory partner is challenging. This is further complicated by the need for precise data and traceability, with varying standards across governments. The biggest fear for businesses is facing an audit without the necessary compliance documentation. The good news is, 3rd Eye’s solutions for Road Usage, Excise Fuel Tax, and IFTA simplify compliance, automating vehicle data collection and transforming it into required reports, all without manual action.

Road Usage Solutions.
Increase Fleet Productivity & Performance.

Our Road Usage feature provides real-time operational insights for your fleet through the 3rd Eye Gateway. It tracks engine hours, odometer, fuel usage, idle time, and location, converting key data into actionable intelligence for optimal fleet utilization. This critical information supports DVIR DOT compliance, driver effectiveness, and asset utilization analysis.

3rd Eye presents this detailed data in a user-friendly dashboard, aiding quick, informed decision-making. Identify and address issues swiftly, such as excessive idling, prolonged vehicle operation, route inefficiencies, and high fuel consumption.

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IFTA Road Use Tracking Software for Trucks

Truck mileage by state tracking software for IFTA and road usage

Accurate & Consistent Vehicle Data.
Effortless IFTA Reporting & Filing.

IFTA reporting requirements differ by state and may necessitate simultaneous filings for multiple states, depending on the type of operation. Quarterly filings demand precise data to back every claim, including the documentation of vehicle use, fuel type, fuel consumption, and odometer readings.

Powered by 3rd Eye, IFTA ensures the accurate and consistent collection of vehicle data in near-real-time, with options for long-term storage. It enables the tracking of fuel usage, fuel type, and odometer readings, enhanced by sub-second geospatial data analysis. This allows for exact fleet location identification, equipping businesses with all the necessary information for meeting IFTA filing standards.

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Simplify Fleet Fuel Excise Tax Filing, Reporting, and Recovery.

The 3rd Eye Excise Fuel Tax Recovery module streamlines Federal fuel tax-recovery filings with fast and precise fuel utilization calculations. It monitors fuel usage, type, and odometer readings in near-real-time, automatically distinguishing between public and private land use, pinpointing non-taxable fuel consumption, often eligible for tax recovery.

For refuse fleets using Connected Collections, fuel data is accessible through the Heil® body network, accommodating both on and off-road operations. This method simplifies complex data gathering and adapts to specific state requirements, enabling efficient tracking and documentation of fuel usage for effective tax recovery with the 3rd Eye Fleet Tracking subscription.

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Federal Excise Tax tracking and reporting software for trucks and vans

Simplify Tax Reporting and Filing.
All Without Manual Driver Action.

Don’t let complex tax requirements slow you down. Optimize your fleet’s financial efficiency, expedite decision-making, and unlock potential savings. 3rd Eye provides everything you need to simplify tax reporting and filing. Make the smart move—reach out today to experience the ease of our Road Usage, IFTA, and Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

3rd Eye Camera monthy payments for hardware haas

Convenient Monthly Ownership Options, Customized For Your Specific Needs.

The 3rd Eye monthly ownership options offer a convenient Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model that significantly reduces the upfront costs of equipment, aiding in the success of your business. Along with industry-leading camera systems, you’ll gain peace of mind through comprehensive technical service, support, and warranty protection. Our innovative approach to solution packaging is designed to enhance your total value stream while minimizing your initial out-of-pocket investment. For more information on our monthly ownership model and to learn more about the terms and conditions, please contact us to get started today.

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