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Fleet Tracking Solutions

Know the exact status and location of every vehicle and asset with advanced fleet tracking software solutions from 3rd Eye.

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Powerful Insights Into Your Vehicle Fleet.

3rd Eye Commercial Fleet Tracking software provides a comprehensive suite of technology solutions that seamlessly connect you to your drivers and vehicle fleet. This integration provide unparalleled real-time insights that enables users to improve safety, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and profitability, while directly linking fleets with their customers.

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Asset information right at your fingertips:

  • Accurate fullness monitoring
  • Bale weights
  • Tracking and location
  • Utilization metrics
  • Status and working condition
  • Real-time notifications
  • Personalized Reports

Fleet Tracking Software

Complete Fleet Visibility.
All Right At Your Fingertips.

3rd Eye camera systems and advanced smart technology collects and analyzes massive volumes of driver, vehicle, and body data, providing fleets with unprecedented visibility of their vehicles in the field. From driver safety and coachable event data, to past and present vehicle location and activity, and detailed positive service verification with video and photo documentation of every stop.

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Visibility Into Fleet Activity Gives Us A Competitive Edge.

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery of California shares how 3rd Eye Service Verification enables them to monitor in real-time what happens at every stop on their routes, complete with video/photo documentation. Knowing exactly when service occurs (or why it didn’t) has helped them reach new levels of efficiency and exceptional customer service.”

Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery
Concord, CA

Mt. Diable Resource Recovery Testimonial Video

Mt. Diable Resource Recovery Fleet Tracking Software Testimonial Video

Fleet Tracking Software for trucks

Powerful Data That Helps Make Better Decisions, Faster.

Connected Collections groundbreaking technology solutions seamlessly integrate vehicle, operator, and customer data. These connections provide unparalleled insights that enhance safety, efficiency, and profitability, while directly linking fleets to their customers.

Learn how the Connected Collections powerful data is helping today’s most successful fleets improve safety, productivity, sustainability, profitability, and customer service.

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Have Instant Answers For Customer Service Or Status Questions

With trustworthy data, your customer service team can quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries. Your operations team can monitor live and historical route performance, establish trends, and make informed decisions. This data can be integrated into your existing systems and can serve as the basis for additional tools such as exception review. Empower your teams and eliminate the uncertainty in your collection service with 3rd Eye positive service verification.

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Service exception documentation customer service software

Heil garbage truck maintenance monitoring and repair software

Monitor Fleet Health With AI

3rd Eye Fleet Health & Maintenance technology uses AI to monitor your vehicles and alert your team to potential issues before they occur. This enables you to take action before the issue arises and prevent a small problem from becoming a major one.

Fleet Health can automatically open work orders in your system, pre-order parts based on future needs, and even provide detailed work instructions for detected issues. Discover how 3rd Eye AI-based refuse truck fleet maintenance can improve uptime, reduce costs, and increase your bottom line

Fleet Health & Maintenance

Not Just Trucks.
Track Compactors & Balers Too!

3rd Eye’s industry-leading technology covers your entire operation. With a single powerful solution, you can now track all of your assets in one convenient, simple-to-use interface. Our compactor and baler tracking solutions provide accurate fullness monitoring, bale weights, tracking, and location, utilization metrics, status, and working condition, with real-time notifications, personalized reports, and much more!

Compactor & Baler Tracking Solutions

Commercial smart baler and compactor tracking software

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Connected Collections

Generate revenue. Reduce cost. Automate processes. Connected Collections helps fleet owners better connect with their customers.

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