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Cutting-edge integrated technology that simplifies the management of compactors, balers, and recycling equipment.

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Overcome Compaction Asset Management Maintenance Challenges

Managing compaction and recycling equipment across various sites can be a highly inefficient and challenging task. As part of the Connected Collections solution ecosystem, 3rd Eye seamlessly integrates balers and compactors, with cutting edge technology, providing invaluable real-time data and alerts that simplify asset management.

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Key Features

  • Real-time bale weights
  • Accurate fullness monitoring
  • Tracking & location
  • Utilization metrics
  • Status & working condition
  • Real-time notifications
  • Personalized reports

Connected smart compactor computer interface

Connected Compactor

3rd Eye Connected Compactor transforms your compaction process by delivering comprehensive, real-time insights for proactive compactor management and optimization. Real-time monitoring of waste or recycling levels, enables a proactive approach to waste collection based on actual fullness, optimizing hauling frequency, reducing operational costs, and enhancing sustainability. Additionally, real-time notifications and maintenance alerts keep you informed, minimizing downtime and ensuring your compactors remain operational and highly efficient.

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Connected Baler

3rd Eye Connected Baler allows you to to fully maximize your baler’s potential. With our weight tracking solution, you can to discern the weight of every bale produced by your operations and correlate it with the type of material for comprehensive end-to-end tracking.

Our robust APIs allow for seamless integration of bale details into back-office systems, or utilize our streamlined user interface to quickly and accurately validate bale data. Real-time data enables you to recognize revenue earlier and refine process flows, leading to increased recovery of recyclables, deeper understanding of asset utilization, and increased commodity revenue.

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Connected smart baler for cardboard and recycling

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