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The waste industry is a tough business. Fleets all over the country rely on 3rd Eye industry experience to provide one comprehensive technology solution for your refuse fleet management needs.

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Refuse Fleet Management
Made Simple

Data-driven fleet management solutions from 3rd Eye® help you create a safer work environment for your entire refuse fleet. Real-world solutions that protect your people and your equipment, both on-road and off-road. Our powerful tools analyze your waste-fleet operations and help to head off accidents that can cause service delays, productivity losses, and increases in insurance premiums and incident-related paperwork.

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Key Features

  • View drivers and what your drivers see (and don’t see)
  • Wrap your garbage trucks in 360° of video protection
  • Geolocated data and photo/video documentation for every stop
  • Automated recycling contamination detection
  • Automated exception detection and documentation for overages and more
  • Know when your assets are on highway and when they’re not with the data to validate

3rd Eye dramatically improved our Communication, Consistency, and Safety

Every day, we’re tasked with servicing routes that cover over 10,000 stops in Greater Colorado. 3rd Eye has helped us do that by having a digital relationship with our customers. It allows us to engage with our customers, and has helped us dramatically improve safety, communication and consistency.”

Scott Lukach
President/CEO, Apex Waste Solutions


Garbage Truck Fleet Safety

With up to eight cameras, 3rd Eye Safety systems wrap your garbage trucks and equipment in 360° of camera coverage to monitor the vehicle and driver environment in real time. In addition to 3rd Eye camera systems, we

IRIS Radar from 3rd Eye features increased frequency, allowing for the detection of multiple smaller objects at the same time. Instead of a fan pattern view, the new IRIS system tightens the detection zones – which means far better detection of obstructions, assisting drivers by notifying them of other vehicles as well as obstacles they may not see.

Fleet Camera Systems

Positive Service Verification

Know exactly what is happening on your routes, and where and when it happens, with all data collected passively without manual actions from drivers. With Verif-Eye, there are no “what-ifs”, just full insight into every service event, complete with photo/video documentation, and geo-location data.

  • Overloaded containers
  • Blocked containers
  • Identify container locations
  • Failed set-outs
  • Property damage claims

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Postitive Service Verification

Garbage truck fleet tracking software

Fleet Tracking

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Fleet Tracking Solutions

Garbage Truck Fleet Maintenance

3rd Eye Optim-Eyes® trash truck maintenance technology uses AI to monitor your vehicles and alert your team to potential issues before they occur. This enables you to take action before the issue arises and prevent a small problem from becoming a major one.

Optim-Eyes can automatically open work orders in your system, pre-order parts based on future needs, and even provide detailed work instructions for detected issues. Discover how 3rd Eye AI-based refuse truck fleet maintenance can improve uptime, reduce costs, and increase your bottom line

Fleet Maintenance Solutions

Construction Fleet Maintenance

Passive Contamination Detection With No Driver Interaction Required.

Purif-Eye collects images of commercial container content and processes those images to identify potential contamination in recycling streams. The entire process is hands off—the hauler receives timely identification of the contamination found on its routes.

With the images captured from Purif-Eye, fleet owners can go back to customers and educate them on monitoring their waste stream to reduce recycling contamination. Many haulers that already monitor for contamination do so at the expense of route productivity, often requiring the driver to exit the cab, flip the container lid, and manually capture images. With Purif-Eye, there is no manual action required by the operator. Let your drivers drive, 3rd Eye will handle the rest.

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Identify Overloaded Containers and Automatically Add Overages to Customer Invoice.

Overloaded refuse containers are a significant challenge to waste-hauling fleets, requiring additional time at the stop, and increasing landfill fees. Verif-Eye passively detects overloaded containers and creates overage charges on customer invoices, all without requiring the driver to leave the cab or take photos with a phone or tablet. Improve safety,  increase efficiency, and generate revenue with Verif-Eye overloaded container detection technology.

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Overloaded dumpster detection software for garbage trucks

Garbage truck IFTA road tax reporting software

Fleet IFTA/Fuel Tax Reporting & Compliance

Road usage and IFTA reporting is made simple  with 3rd Eye’s Certif-Eye suite. Harness real-time, precise vehicle data—from fuel usage to location—eliminating manual inputs and streamlining IFTA and Fuel Tax reporting.

Quickly identify non-taxable fuel use and other tax recovery avenues while benefiting from a user-friendly dashboard for optimal decision-making. Simplify complex tax challenges, boost financial efficiency, and let Certif-Eye guide your fleet towards smarter operations

Fleet Compliance Solutions

Improve  Customer Relationships.
Improve Your Bottom Line.

With the Verif-Eye positive service verification module from 3rd Eye, you no longer have to wonder what really happened on route. Gain instant insights into all aspects of driver, vehicle, and route activity – all without requiring manual action from your operators. Contact a 3rd Eye expert today and see how we can help you make better decisions, faster.

Connected Collections

Improve Safety. Generate revenue. Reduce cost. Automate processes. Connected Collections helps fleet owners better connect with their customers and make better decisions, faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Connected Collections

Improve safety. Reduce costs. Increase revenue. Automate processes. Improve truck up-time and maintenance. Connected Collections helps refuse fleets better connect with their customers.

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