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3rd Eye Technical Services provides robust support services for camera systems, monitors, and all digital solutions.

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3rd Eye® is committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of customer service and support. We are proud to introduce our Technical Support video series to help you and your company with easy to understand instructions for commonly asked questions regarding the installation and use of 3rd Eye products. If you have a suggestion for a video topic or would like to speak to an expert about a technical issue, please give us a call at 866-804-2984 or submit a help request.

Comprehensive 3rd Eye Support Options

  • Service Shack Tutorial Video Series
  • Customer Resource Center
  • Troubleshooting Tree
  • Knowledgeable Support Team
  • Full Support Ticketing System

3rd Eye Service Shack Tutorial Videos

Service Shack Tutorial Video Series

The 3rd Eye Service Shack® step by step tutorial video series is a completely free resource, available to our customers 24/7 . Our Service Gurus cover a wide range of easy-to-understand tutorials that can save your technicians hours of valuable time, and keep your 3rd Eye cameras, monitors, and digital systems in peak operating condition.

Technicians – bookmark the Service Shack page, and be sure to check back often. We’ve got a huge library, and new videos are being added regularly.

Visit The 3rd Eye Service Shack

Need Troubleshooting Assistance?
Utilize Our Helpful Troubleshooting Tree.

3rd Eye Service offers an advanced technical troubleshooting tree, meticulously developed to significantly reduce technician troubleshooting time. This resource is engineered to provide 3rd Eye customers with quick and effective solutions for a range of common issues, including Technical Support, Warranty Support, and System Activation. If you’re facing any challenges, we invite you to leverage this powerful tool for fast issue resolution. Our commitment is to ensure your experience with 3rd Eye products is not just seamless, but also marked by simple problem-solving and efficient service

Use The Troubleshooting Tree

3rd Eye support troubleshooting tree

3rd Eye Technical Support

3rd Eye Expert Technical Support Assistance

At 3rd Eye, we offer expert support for any issues or requests related to our truck camera systems, monitors, gateways, and other digital products. Our experienced United States support team is committed to providing quick and effective solutions, ensuring your 3rd Eye systems continue to operate at peak efficiency. Whether you need assistance with troubleshooting or have a specific request, our 3rd Eye experts are here to help you maintain seamless and optimal performance.

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