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Know exactly when and where service occurs, with completely automated verification, powered by Connected Collections technology.

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Positive Service Verification.
Improve Customer Relationships.
Improve Your Bottom Line.

Part of the Connected Collections ecosystem, 3rd Eye Positive Service Verification (PSV) SaaS subscription module simplifies a driver’s workload by passively collecting service events – allowing the driver to focus on operating the vehicle safely. Positive Service Verification associates service events and exceptions to the customer, and drivers no longer need to take photos of positive service, not-outs, or blocked containers. PSV is fully customizable and allows drivers to keep their tablets in their cradles while removing unwanted distractions from the cab.

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Positive Service Verification that automatically:

  • Detects and invoices for overloaded containers
  • Detects and documents blocked containers
  • Identifies container location
  • Detects and documents failed set-outs
  • Protects from property damage claims
  • Associates service events and exceptions to your customer

Postitive Service Verification

Capture Time & Date Stamped Image/Video of EVERY Service Event.

Know exactly what is happening on your routes, and where and when it happens, with all data collected passively without manual actions from drivers. With 3rd Eye Positive Service Verification, there are no “what-ifs”, just full insight into every service event, complete with photo/video documentation, and geo-location data.

  • Overloaded containers
  • Blocked containers
  • Identify container locations
  • Failed set-outs
  • Property damage claims
  • Automate contamination detection

Know Exactly What Happens On Your Routes.

You need to embrace new technology, you’ve got to think outside the box, and you’ve got to differentiate yourself from other people in the business. This is the tool that helps you operate safer, leaner, and improves the bottom line. I predict that every truck in the United States will have a 3rd Eye system, it’s that important to have this tool in your arsenal.”

Louie Pellegrini
President, Mission Trail Waste Systems

Mission Trail Waste Systems

Overloaded dumpster detection software for garbage trucks

Identify Overloaded Containers

Overloaded refuse containers are a significant challenge to waste-hauling fleets, requiring additional time at the stop, and increasing landfill fees. 3rd Eye Positive Service Verification passively detects overloaded containers and creates overage charges on customer invoices, all without requiring the driver to leave the cab or take photos with a phone or tablet. Improve safety,  increase efficiency, and generate revenue with 3rd Eye overloaded container detection technology.

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Capture Previously Un-Billed Commercial Overloads

Use our Commercial Overloads ROI calculator to see exactly how much money is being left on the table by not automatically detecting and billing for overloaded containers on commercial waste collection routes.

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Automated Contamination Detection

3rd Eye Route Contamination Detection automates the identification of prohibited and specialty items on waste collection routes. 3rd Eye in-body-mounted smart cameras continuously scanning the hopper, identifying and associate contamination with the responsible customer, all without manual driver actions. Help educate customers, automatically add contamination fees to repeat offenders, and increase diversion of contamination from recycling and organic streams.

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positive service verification for garbage trucks - contamination detection

Automated Container Quality Audits

3rd Eye provides Automated Container Quality Reviews for residential containers, identifying those needing repair or replacement through automatic documentation of each collection event with geolocated photos and videos. This process, reviewed by 3rd Eye, helps pinpoint damaged, defaced, or substandard carts. Our leading customer association technology matches each container to a customer, allowing for quick scheduling of repairs or replacements.

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Positive Service Verification Is Part of Our Fully-Integrated Connected Collections Ecosystem.

As part of the Connected Collections ecosystem, 3rd Eye Positive Service Verification is fully integrated with with Heil garbage trucks and Soft-Pak waste hauler software to provide a seamless integration that improves your bottom line and strengthens the relationship with your customers. Service events are captured and sent to your team in real time – and can be easily integrated into your back-office environment. Positive Service Verification expert monitoring, combined with cutting-edge artificial intelligence can review all service events to identify key performance indicators that can boost both productivity and profitability.

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Positive Service Verification part of Connected Collections

Positive Service Verification Software For Garbage Trucks

Specialized Service Verification For Garbage Trucks

3rd Eye is one of the waste industry’s leading provider of solutions for the waste industry, with specialized camera systems and technology designed especially for garbage trucks and refuse applications. With positive service verification solutions for all trash truck types, including commercial front loaders, automated front loaders, rear loaders, and automated side loaders, waste haulers have the tools to maximize safety, efficiency, profitability, and customer service.

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Improve  Customer Relationships.
Improve Your Bottom Line.

With the 3rd Eye Positive Service Verification subscription module, you no longer have to wonder what really happened on route. Gain instant insights into all aspects of driver, vehicle, and route activity – all without requiring manual action from your operators. Contact a 3rd Eye expert today and see how we can help you make better decisions, faster.

Connected Collections

Improve Safety. Generate revenue. Reduce cost. Automate processes. Connected Collections helps fleet owners better connect with their customers and make better decisions, faster.

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