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3rd Eye technology provides fleets with complete visibility into vehicles and personnel in the field, providing unparalleled service and status information to handle customer inquiries with ease.

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Powerful Information That Connects Fleets Directly To Their Customers

With 3rd Eye’s advanced technology, fleets can know exactly when, where, and what service was performed at every stop, with photo/video documentation and geolocated customer-associated data, right at your fingertips.

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Key Features

  • Minimize go-back services
  • Capture service completion
  • Validate route progress in real time
  • Increase customer support efficiency

3rd Eye dramatically improved the communication with our customers

Every day, we’re tasked with servicing routes that cover over 10,000 stops in Greater Colorado. 3rd Eye has helped us do that by having a digital relationship with our customers. It allows us to engage with our customers, and has helped us dramatically improve safety, communication and consistency.”

Scott Lukach
President/CEO, Apex Waste Solutions


Delivery van and trucks Fleet Tracking Software

Know The Exact Status Of Every Vehicle In Your Fleet, In Real Time

3rd Eye Fleet Tracking leverages advanced vehicle telemetry and location-based solutions to give you instant visibility into every vehicle’s status. Real-time and historical data reveal valuable insights, empowering service representatives to confidently and proactively address customer inquiries

Fleet Tracking Solutions

Automatically Detect Service Exceptions With Timestamped Video & Photo Documentation

3rd Eye Positive Service Verification solutions significantly simplify customer engagement through automated detection and documentation of service exceptions, all readily accessible in the 3rd Eye portal interface.

Customer service representatives have immediate access to service exception information, allowing for quick and easy explanations including blocked container access, overloaded bins, contamination, and more.

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Automated service detection software with video and photo documentation

Service exception documentation customer service software

Have Instant Answers For Customer Service Or Status Questions

With detailed, reliable data, your customer service team can quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries. Your operations team can monitor live and historical route performance, establish trends, and make informed decisions. This data can be integrated into your existing systems and can serve as the basis for additional tools such as exception reviews.

Empower your teams and eliminate the uncertainty of customer service with 3rd Eye Positive Service Verification.

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Technology Solutions Designed For Your Specific Needs

3rd Eye specializes in providing modular software solutions that integrate seamlessly with our advanced camera systems, significantly enhancing your fleet management capabilities. Our tailored approach is designed to target your specific needs, aiming to improve safety, efficiency, customer service, and profitability. 3rd Eye experts are industry veterans who act as trusted advisors, and can provide a customize plan to meet your unique requirements and elevate your fleet operations to new heights.

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