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3rd Eye technology provides fleets with powerful software solutions that improve productivity, while helping to further your Environmental Social Governance objectives.

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Powerful Technology That Maximizes Efficiency And Furthers Sustainability Objectives

All 3rd Eye technology solutions are expertly crafted to optimize operations and productivity, reducing unnecessary time and miles to ensure your fleet functions at its best. With service verification, contamination detection, fleet maintenance software and “back-of-store” equipment solutions, 3rd Eye offers comprehensive solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also advance your sustainability goals.

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Key Features

  • Reduce the time spent at every stop
  • Automate previously manual driver tasks
  • Minimize go-back services
  • Detect and prevent recycling contamination
  • Maximize routing efficiency
  • Fleet Maintenance Solutions keep vehicles running efficiently
  • Improve driver performance and efficiency

Automated Technology Solutions That Decrease The Time Spent At Every Stop, Preventing Waste.

3rd Eye software solutions, many which leverage smart technologies, provide unbeatable efficiency and productivity. These innovative solutions are designed to automate tasks that historically required drivers to exit their cabs to manually perform functions, significantly reducing the time spent at each stop. This advancement not only streamlines workflow but also substantially contributes to environmental sustainability. By reducing the frequency and duration of stops, emissions are lowered, leading to a greener and more eco-friendly operation. Additionally, this automation translates into considerable cost savings for companies, making it a win-win situation in terms of efficiency, environmental impact, and economic benefits.

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Truck Driver Fleet Productivity Software Solutions

Garbage truck routing software for trash truck fleets

Maximize Fleet Efficiency With Advanced Routing Software.

Through integration with Map-Pak® waste-hauler software from Soft-Pak®, our system enhances sustainability by automatically planning efficient routes, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This integration allows for the ultra-efficient routing of necessary stops, optimizing daily and weekly schedules to minimize unnecessary travel. By identifying and adjusting overlapping stops, we further boost route efficiency, leading to a more eco-friendly operation. Efficient management of on-call jobs and real-time GPS tracking for fast, on-the-fly dispatch decisions contribute to a lower environmental footprint, ensuring that each route is as green as possible.

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3rd Eye dramatically improved the efficiency of our fleet operations.

Every day, we’re tasked with servicing routes that cover over 10,000 stops in Greater Colorado. 3rd Eye has helped us do that by having a digital relationship with our customers. It allows us to engage with our customers, and has helped us dramatically improve safety, communication and consistency.”

Scott Lukach
President/CEO, Apex Waste Solutions


Fleet Sustainability Software

Eliminate Unnecessary Go-Backs And Wasted Fuel By Automatically Detecting Service Exceptions.

3rd Eye automates service verification, capturing time-stamped, geolocated photos and videos for undeniable proof of service (or why service was unable to be performed). This reduces go-back trips to disputed stops, saving time, fuel, and emissions. Enhancing safety and efficiency without driver intervention, it’s suitable for various refuse body types. Trusted in thousands of vehicles, this software ensures accurate data collection and promotes eco-friendly practices.

Service Verification Solutions

AI-Powered Fleet Maintenance Software That Keeps Vehicle Running At Peak Efficiency.

3rd Eye Fleet Maintenance software technology, leverages AI, proactively monitoring your fleet, identifying potential issues before they occur. This foresight allows for timely action, preventing minor problems from escalating into major ones, keeping your fleet operating a peak efficiency. By reducing unforeseen breakdowns and optimizing performance, it not only boosts profitability but also significantly contributes to sustainability by improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Vehicle Maintenance Software

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Software To Improve Sustainability

Recycling contamination detection software for sustainabiliity

Passive Contamination Detection Keeps Recycled Materials Out Of Landfills.

Automated Contamination Detection software revolutionizes waste management by using image recognition to detect contamination in recycling streams, entirely hands-off. This innovative approach not only streamlines the recycling process for haulers but also plays a critical role in sustainability. By accurately identifying non-recyclables, 3rd Eye Contamination Detection significantly reduces the risk of recyclable materials ending up in landfills. This not only conserves valuable resources but also minimizes environmental pollution. Additionally, 3rd Eye efficiency allows fleet owners to educate customers about proper recycling practices without compromising route productivity. No manual intervention is needed, freeing drivers to focus on their routes while ensuring a cleaner, greener recycling process.

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Improve Driver Performance With Coaching Opportunities To Increase Fleet Efficiency.

The 3rd Eye camera systems enhance sustainability by improving driver performance through tailored coaching opportunities. Our advanced truck cameras and monitoring focuses on efficiency, analyzing driving habits to optimize routes and techniques. This results in reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and less vehicle wear, extending lifespan and decreasing maintenance needs. A user-friendly dashboard allows companies to easily track and achieve their efficiency objectives, demonstrating that intelligent driving practices are essential for both environmental conservation and operational performance.

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Driver efficiency and productivity software for truck camera systems

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