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Groundbreaking technology solutions that seamlessly integrate vehicles, operator, and customer data. These connections provide unparalleled insights that enhance safety, efficiency, and profitability, while directly linking fleets to their customers.

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ESG Connected Collections Heil 3rd Eye Soft-Pak and Marathon Equipment

Integrated Technology That Links You Directly To Your Equipment, Drivers, And Your Customers.

Waste hauling companies face unique challenges in connecting with customers and managing their fleets efficiently and safely. Connected Collections® by Environmental Solutions Group companies, 3rd Eye, Soft-Pak, and Heil offers innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate cameras and cutting-edge technology, providing the data needed to help fleets make better decisions, faster.

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Connected Collections Helps Us Make Better Decisions.

Technology is key to running our company, giving us clear insights into all aspects of our operations. From positive service verification, photos of each collection point, scale house and transfer stations monitoring and management, to safety and driver training, Connected Collections helps us make better decisions”

John Winters
Operations Manager, Winters Bros.


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3rd Eye camera systems and hardware for trucks

Integrated Cameras & Technology from 3rd Eye

Telematic solutions provide insight into your operations, opening up opportunities for growth and success. Managing your business’s operations, safety/educational platforms, compliance requirements, and logistics is a complex task that involves capturing, processing, and compiling vast amounts of data and actionable driving information. 3rd Eye, a Connected Collections platform, drives synergy across organizations by enabling integrated solutions tailored to your industry. Our platform is specially designed with your business in mind, offering a consolidated experience that helps you make better decisions faster. This is achieved by tracking and understanding field operations through partnerships with industry leaders like Heil, Marathon, and Soft-Pak.

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Waste Collection Solutions From Heil

Managing a waste hauling fleet presents a unique set of challenges, given the highly specialized nature of refuse collection vehicles. A refuse fleet is like a factory on wheels, delivering success for your customers. At Connected Collections solutions are seamlessly integrated with Heil, a leading refuse vehicle manufacturer, and 3rd Eye, a pioneer in integrated truck technologies. Together, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that enhance maintenance, safety, and service verification. Through our ongoing collaboration with Heil, we ensure that you are always one step closer to your customers.

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Heil connected garbage trucks cameras and software

Soft-Pak waste hauler software for waste management

Soft-Pak Waste Hauler Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are indispensable tools for businesses. However, finding a mobile asset management application that integrates both seamlessly can be challenging. Soft-Pak not only efficiently combines ERP and CRM functionalities but also partners with 3rd Eye to enable an integrated backend. Through the Connected Collections partnership, 3rd Eye seamlessly relays data to Soft-Pak, enhancing customer service, understanding of service conditions, route status, and data reporting capabilities. With continuous upgrade strategies from 3rd Eye and Soft-Pak, the solutions offered by Connected Collections only improve over time.

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Marathon Connected Compactors and Balers

Compactors and balers are essential in a wide range of settings, from apartment complexes to factories and department stores. Marathon, a leading manufacturer of compactors and balers, specializes in powerful solutions that optimize refuse management. By partnering with 3rd Eye, Marathon has embraced digital advancements, including tracking compactor fullness and managing baler weight. This partnership helps you optimize your equipment usage and maximize the value of your services. With Marathon and 3rd Eye, choosing Connected Collections is a clear win. Our continuous focus on innovation promises even greater improvements in the future.

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Marathon Equipment smart trash compactors and cardboard balers

Connected Collections smart garbage truck camera systems and software

Connected Collections

Connected Collections equips your fleet with powerful tools that prioritize safety, productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability, enabling you to make better decisions, faster. Our continuously updated, cutting-edge technology keeps you at the forefront of innovation and opens up new opportunities for success.

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Powerful 3rd Eye & Soft-Pak Technology, Seamlessly Integrated With Your Refuse Fleet.

Safety & Driver Training

3rd Eye Driver Education & Development uses advanced camera systems and smart technology to monitor and analyze driver behavior, capturing HD video and telematic data. This data helps create coaching materials by identifying safety anomalies and best practices.

Safety/Driver Education & Development

Vehicle fleet tracking software and analytics

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

3rd Eye Commercial Fleet and Asset Tracking software provides a comprehensive suite of technology solutions that seamlessly connect you to your drivers and vehicle fleet. This integration provide unparalleled real-time insights that enables users to improve safety, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and profitability, while directly linking fleets with their customers..

Fleet and Asset Tracking

Garbage truck service verification software

Positive Service Verification

3rd Eye Positive Service Verification (PSV) SaaS subscription module simplifies a driver’s workload by passively collecting service events – allowing the driver to focus on operating the vehicle safely. Positive Service Verification associates service events and exceptions to the customer, and drivers no longer need to take photos of positive service, not-outs, or blocked containers.

Positive Service Verification

IFTA, excise tax, road use tax reporting tracking software


Automated solutions that simplify IFTA, Excise Tax, Fuel Tax and other reporting, contractual obligations such as container quality audits, as well as compliance with SB 1383 and other complex regulations.

Compliance Solutions

Automated Waste Recycling Contamination Detection Software for Garbage Trucks

Contamination Detection

3rd Eye contamination detection solutions utilize cameras mounted on garbage trucks, scale houses, and tipping floors to passively detect and associate contamination with the responsible party, all without manual inspection or action. From collection to final processing, 3rd Eye provides contamination detection solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability, while boosting your bottom line.

Contamination Detection Solutions

Smart compactor and baler software

Connected Compactor

3rd Eye Connected Compactor transforms your compaction process by delivering comprehensive, real-time insights for proactive compactor management and optimization. With Connected Compactor, you gain real-time monitoring of waste or recycling levels, enabling a proactive approach to waste collection based on actual fullness.

Connected Compactor

Baler status monitoring software

Vehicle Health/Maintenance

3rd Eye uses advanced artificial intelligence to monitor your vehicles and equipment, alerting your team to potential issues BEFORE they arise. Take action prior to breakdowns and prevent small problems from becoming major ones.

Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Connected Smart Cardboard baler

Connected Baler

3rd Eye Connected Baler—the ultimate integration solution that transforms your equipment data into actionable insights. Harness the power of precise bale weights matched with material types for complete end-to-end tracking. Stay informed with live updates, real-time condition monitoring, and instant notifications.

Connected Baler

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Connected Collections

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