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Groundbreaking technology solutions that seamlessly integrate vehicles, operator, and customer data. These connections provide unparalleled insights that enhance safety, efficiency, and profitability, while directly linking fleets to their customers.

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ESG Connected Collections Heil 3rd Eye Soft-Pak and Marathon Equipment

Integrated Technology That Links You Directly To Your Equipment, And Your Customers.

Waste hauling companies face unique challenges in connecting with customers and managing their fleets efficiently and safely. Connected Collections® by Environmental Solutions Group companies, 3rd Eye® Soft-Pak®, and Heil® offers innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate cameras and cutting-edge technology, providing the data needed to help fleets make better decisions, faster.

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Connected Collections Helps Us Make Better Decisions.

Technology is key to running our company, giving us clear insights into all aspects of our operations. From positive service verification, photos of each collection point, scale house and transfer stations monitoring and management, to safety and driver training, Connected Collections helps us make better decisions”

John Winters
Operations Manager, Winters Bros.


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All The Information You Need, Gathered Effortlessly.

Maximize fleet operations with 3rd Eye’s digital system, featuring up to eight cameras for 360° visibility, including driver’s perspective. Data from chassis and body are seamlessly transmitted via the J-1939 network through the 3rd Eye gateway, broadcasting real-time to the Cloud. This data is transformed into actionable insights for fleet owners to make quicker, informed decisions. Most importantly, driver, service, and route data is collected passively, enabling drivers to focus solely on safe vehicle operation without distraction for image capture or data entry.

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Integrated Truck cameras and camera systems for vehicle fleets

Fully-Integrated Smart Camera Systems That Improve Safety, Productivity, And Bottom Lines.

3rd Eye’s innovative solutions all start with our durable camera systems and gateway. With up to eight cameras on a single vehicle, each are seamlessly connected to the cloud through the 3rd Eye gateway. This integration forms the backbone of the Eye-Site platform, a hub that enables the addition of unlimited modular software solutions. These solutions collect and analyze volumes of data, all presented in an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. The brilliance of the 3rd Eye system lies in its scalability; as your fleet grows, so does the system’s capability. You can add new modular solutions at any time, ensuring that your fleet’s technological needs are always met without ever outpacing the system’s capacity. With the 3rd Eye Camera System, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in a future-proof solution that evolves alongside your business..

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Powerful 3rd Eye & Soft-Pak Technology, Seamlessly Integrated With Your Refuse Fleet.

Safety & Driver Training

Maximize safety and driver performance with 3rd Eye: real-time video from up to eight cameras is analyzed by our expert team, offering insights exactly what the driver sees (and what they don’t see). Utilize video analysis for effective coaching and post-accident evaluations, enhancing fleet management and accountability.

Vehicle Analytics

Powerful 3rd Eye Vehicle Health & Maintenance solutions automatically monitor chassis/body health and detect issues BEFORE they arise. Maintenance personnel are alerted about pending service issues, work orders are automatically opened, and parts ordered – weeks before service is needed.

Garbage truck service verification software

Positive Service Verification

Service verification images, collected passively, are sent to Soft-Pak for customer service, billing, and reporting. Fleets can access photos or video immediately when a customer has been serviced, when the container is overloaded, not out, or when it is blocked and can provide customers with an updated service schedule if there are delays on the route.

garbage truck routing software

Truck Routing

Boost efficiency with Soft-Pak’s Mobile-Pak® and Map-Pak®: offering in-cab, turn-by-turn directions, real-time status updates, and direct communication for on-the-fly route changes. Instantly access service photos/videos and update customers on schedule changes, significantly enhancing route productivity and customer satisfaction..

Delivery van and trucks Fleet Tracking Software

Know The Exact Status Of Every Vehicle In Your Fleet, In Real Time

3rd Eye Fleet Tracking leverages advanced vehicle telemetry and location-based solutions to give you instant visibility into every vehicle’s status. Real-time and historical data reveal valuable insights, empowering service representatives to confidently and proactively address customer inquiries

Fleet Tracking Solutions

Automatically Detect Service Exceptions With Timestamped Video & Photo Documentation

3rd Eye digitally automates service event detection, capturing time-stamped, geolocated photos and videos to document fleet performance in real-time. This system offers reliable proof of service at each stop, enhancing safety and efficiency without burdening drivers with manual action. Designed for all refuse body types, 3rd Eye Service Verification software is trusted by thousands of vehicles for essential collection performance data.

Service Verification Solutions

Automated service detection software with video and photo documentation

Service exception documentation customer service software

Have Instant Answers For Customer Service Or Status Questions

With trustworthy data, your customer service team can quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries. Your operations team can monitor live and historical route performance, establish trends, and make informed decisions. This data can be integrated into your existing systems and can serve as the basis for additional tools such as exception review. Empower your teams and eliminate the uncertainty in your collection service with 3rd Eye positive service verification.

Service Verification Solutions

Complete Technology Solutions Customized For Your Specific Needs

3rd Eye specializes in providing modular software solutions that integrate seamlessly with our advanced camera systems, significantly enhancing your fleet management capabilities. Our tailored approach is designed to target your specific needs, aiming to improve safety, efficiency, customer service, and profitability. 3rd Eye experts are industry veterans who act as trusted advisors, and can provide a customize plan to meet your unique requirements and elevate your fleet operations to new heights.

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Connected Collections

Generate revenue. Reduce cost. Automate processes. Connected Collections helps fleet owners better connect with their customers.

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