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Collision Warning Radar Systems

3rd Eye’s leading IRIS truck radar technology reduces blind spots and can be fully customizable for your vehicle application.

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Accurate. Powerful.
Fully Customizable.

3rd Eye Safety Solutions are specifically engineered to ensure an unyielding commitment to maximum driver and vehicle safety. Our best-in-industry camera systems provide 360° coverage with up to eight cameras per vehicle, providing an unprecedented level of situational awareness. Our safety suite also incorporates monitored driver events, offering key coaching opportunities that can improve driver behavior on route, further reducing risks.

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Truck Safety Radar Systems - collision detection radar

Powerful Obstruction Detection.
Accurate Results With Clearer Vision.

Upgraded IRIS Radar from 3rd Eye delivers unbeatable power and improved accuracy over other vehicle radar systems. Its enhanced frequency can detect multiple smaller objects concurrently, ensuring no obstacle goes unnoticed. With refined detection zones, it surpasses the traditional fan pattern view, leading to superior obstruction detection. This lets drivers focus on their tasks, knowing the IRIS Radar is diligently scanning their surroundings. In essence, 3rd Eye’s Vehicle Radar Systems provide reliable alerts about vehicles and unseen obstacles, making it the most powerful safety solution for drivers.

Collison Warning Radar Systems

Vehicle Radar Systems For Virtually Any Application.

One of the primary causes of accidents is the failure to detect danger in a driver’s blind spots. 3rd Eye’s integrated IRIS Vehicle Radar technology gives fleets a considerable advantage by offering powerful and precise object detection along with collision warnings, even in the most challenging conditions.

3rd Eye’s technology solutions are engineered to solve real-world challenges and are infinitely adaptability, with customization options available for a diverse range of industries and applications. This flexibility ensures that whether you operate in dense city traffic or on residential streets, 3rd Eye provides unparalleled solutions that enhance driver safety. We are committed to offering not just products but a comprehensive partnership, equipping every fleet with the essential tools to safeguard your business against liability.

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Powerful fleet safety solutions:

  • Single Sensor Operation
  • All Weather Operation
  • Intelligent Technology
  • Retrofit & OEM Solutions
  • In-Cab Display w/Audible and Visual Warning
  • Integrates to Existing 3rd Eye Camera Cable or Body Builder

360° Of Live-Streaming Video.
Advanced Analytics And Alerts.

The updated IRIS Radar by 3rd Eye features an impressive seven times more power and enhanced precision over previous truck radar systems. Its broadened frequency range efficiently and accurately detects multiple small objects simultaneously. With concentrated detection zones replacing the traditional fan pattern, the IRIS radar system offers improved obstruction recognition, allowing drivers to concentrate on driving, without the frustration of false alerts. 3rd Eye Radar Systems are an essential safety tool for drivers, alerting them to nearby vehicles and hidden hazards, enhancing safety and confidence on the road.

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Protect Your Drivers And Fleet With 3rd Eye Next-Generation Safety Solutions

Secure a safer tomorrow today with 3rd Eye Safety Systems. Our advanced camera systems deliver live streaming and 360° coverage, putting every detail in view. Improve fleet safety with driver monitoring, featuring automated alerts for proactive behavior coaching. Utilize our IRIS system for collision warning and object detection to prevent accidents.

Safety isn’t just a goal, it’s a commitment. Our expert team is ready to guide you in deploying the most advanced, reliable safety systems. Equip your fleet with 3rd Eye Safety Systems now and enhance your road safety. Every second in safety counts. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo today.

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