3rd Eye’s Hurricane Gateway Provides Seamless Integration with Air-Weigh® BinMaxx Scale Systems

3rd Eye Hurricane Gateway

Katy, TX (Feb. 6, 2018) – 3rd Eye Mobile, a pioneer in vehicle safety systems, is teaming up with Air-Weigh, a leader in electronic, on-board weighing technologies, to provide a pathway for on-route bin weight data to communicate with third party route-management software.

“At 3rd Eye, we rely on over 100 years of severe-duty automotive experience to develop Enhance Vehicle Behavioral AnalyticsTM data streams that help fleet owners make smarter decisions,” said Richard Buteau, 3rd Eye Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “Air-Weigh’s BinMaxx scales deliver real-time weight data autonomously through 3rd Eye’s Hurricane GatewayTM, allowing vehicle operators to focus on running their routes safely and efficiently.”

Air-Weigh on-board scales feature a patented dual-point calibration system, coupled with several unique proprietary technologies that allow customers to accurately capture the weight of front-load containers. Designed for intuitive operation and control, Air-Weigh’s scales are easy to use and easy to install.

The arm-mounted deflection sensors are durable and can deliver information in English, Spanish, French and German. The sensors also compensate for temperature differentials and have full integration capabilities with on-board computers, like 3rd Eye’s Hurricane Gateway.

“This is an exciting partnership that is going to serve the refuse industry well,” Dennis DeMeyere, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The BinMaxx and 3rd Eye integration is a game changer for optimizing profit. When customers purchase a BinMaxx scale, they are purchasing valuable information. 3rd Eye’s technology creates an easy pathway for BinMaxx weight data to reach the back office. Combining these two technology products provides an opportunity for decision makers to better understand who is over-utilizing and who is under-utilizing their services, which is invaluable knowledge to have.”

“We see Air-Weigh BinMaxx being a value-added component to Enhance VBA data-stream offering to fleet owners that want to leapfrog over competitors that don’t embrace ‘connected’ trucks,” said Darrick Reed, President of 3rd Eye. “Our vision is to develop next-generation solutions that autonomously collect data and then convert that into information that can be seamlessly integrated into third-party, back-office software.”

3rd Eye Mobile

The 3rd Eye Mobile video offerings are part of its Enhance Vehicle Behavioral Analytics™ – a complete suite of information captured by 3rd Eye cameras, collision avoidance radar, body sensors and chassis data – transmitted in real time via 3rd Eye’s Hurricane Gateway to fleet owners to help better manage and protect their assets. All data is transmitted through the use of one connection, cutting down wire bundle clutter and simplifying installation, maintenance, and ultimately – data dissemination.

About Air-Weigh: Air-Weigh’s innovative on-board electronic weighing solutions are known for accuracy and toughness. Featuring a comprehensive product line of scales, Air-Weigh provides solutions for FEL refuse vehicles, and both trucks and trailers with mechanical or air suspensions. Air-Weigh offers a complete vehicle weighing system that will reduce costs, improve safety, and maximize profitability. Learn more at www.air-weigh.com.

About 3rd Eye: Dover’s 3rd Eye was formed in 2001. The company provides real-time Vehicle Function/Route Performance Analytics and also uses state-of-the-art camera systems to capture and document in-cab and external events to improve the safety, reliability and profitability of collection fleet operations. 3rd Eye is committed to ongoing innovation, engineering excellence, and impeccable business ethics. For more information about 3rd Eye, visit www.3rdeyecam.com. The 3rd Eye Facebook page – or follow us on Twitter.