3rd Eye Introduces Positive Service Verification For Refuse Trucks

3rd Eye positive service verification for rear loader garbage trucks press release

3rd Eye Introduces Verif-Eye – Connecting Fleets to Their Customers While Keeping Drivers Connected to the Truck

Positive Service Verification and Asset Management Tools Help Fleet Owners Provide Customer Service and Route Service Validation in Real-Time

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., November 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – 3rd Eye, part of Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) and Dover, today announced the release of Verif-Eye™, its passive customer service module that collects Service Verification photos and exceptions in real-time without the driver needing to push a button or use a phone or tablet.

For years, fleets have been asking for accurate service validation technology that is not dependent on the driver taking a photo or pushing a button to confirm the service was performed. With 3rd Eye Verif-Eye Digital Tools, drivers now have an improved ability to stay focused on their route, while allowing Verif-Eye to handle the rest.

“Route service accuracy has always been a difficult subject for haulers for a number of reasons,” said Pat Carroll, President of Environmental Solutions Group. “The modern cockpit of a Refuse Collection Vehicle is very complex. Asking operators to electronically tally whether or not service was provided accurately 1,200 times each day while also staying focused on safely operating their vehicle in congested residential neighborhoods or commercial properties can be problematic. Verif-Eye removes this task from the operator, saving time and helping them operate the vehicle safely and efficiently.”

In addition, Verif-Eye helps fleets identify additional revenue opportunities by accurately capturing overages, which allows haulers to approach their end-users with opportunities for increased service or larger containers. It can easily validate missed service events due to blocked containers as the picture captures the blockage and time stamps the information for additional validation.

“Verif-Eye is a great tool for haulers that allows them to strengthen their relationships with their end-users as they now have accurate information they can share regarding both service and the conditions surrounding missed service events,” said Carroll.

Verif-Eye also integrates seamlessly with Soft-Pak™, their sister company’s Mobile-Pak™ tablet-based route communication package. Data captured flows to the Soft-Pak award-winning back-office suite of software tools to provide accurate billing.

Verif-Eye is part of the much larger ESG Connected Collections™ comprehensive fleet data strategy that provides a rich stream of data and data-driven options that allow fleet owners to make better decisions faster. For more information regarding Optim-EyesTM or Connected Collections, please visit www.3rdeyecam.com or talk to your local 3rd Eye Sales representative.

About 3rd Eye:

3rd Eye was formed in 2001. The company provides real-time Vehicle Function/Route Performance Analytics and also uses state-of-the-art camera systems to capture and document in-cab and external events to improve the safety, reliability, and profitability of collection fleet operations. 3rd Eye is committed to ongoing innovation, engineering excellence, and impeccable business ethics. For more information about 3rd Eye, visit www.3rdeyecam.com, the 3rd Eye Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.