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School Bus Fleet Solutions

Rugged interior and exterior camera systems for school buses and school transportation vehicles paired with real-time monitoring and intelligent vehicle telematics data that improves safety, productivity, fleet maintenance, and accounting efficiency.

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School Bus Fleet Management
Made Simple

3rd Eye’s comprehensive suite of technology solutions for school buses and school transportation vehicles seamlessly integrate vehicle and driver data. These connections provide unparalleled insights that enhance safety and efficiency, while directly linking school bus fleets to their assets. Our powerful tools analyze your operations and help to head off accidents that can cause project delays, productivity losses, and increases in insurance premiums and incident-related paperwork.

Key Features

  • Know the status of your school buses, all in real time.
  • Wrap your school buses in 360° of camera protection, inside and out.
  • School bus camera systems that record front, rear, and sides simultaneously.
  • Automatically gather all information needed for IFTA/Fuel Tax reporting.
  • Monitor the health of your school buses, see issues BEFORE they arise.

Integrated Truck cameras and camera systems for vehicle fleets

Fully-Integrated School Bus Camera Systems That Improve Safety, Productivity, And Bottom Lines.

With up to eight truck cameras providing 360° of visibility, 3rd Eye seamlessly integrates industry-leading technology and live monitoring to provide powerful solutions that improve safety, productivity, and profitability, connecting school bus fleets directly to their customers. This integration enables the addition of unlimited modular software solutions that collect and analyze volumes of data, all presented in an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, providing the information you need to make better decisions, faster.

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3rd Eye Increases Safety & Our Bottom Line

You need to embrace new technology, you’ve got to think outside the box, and you’ve got to differentiate yourself from other people in the business. This is the tool that helps you operate safer, leaner, and improves the bottom line. I predict that every truck in the United States will have a 3rd Eye system, it’s that important to have this tool in your arsenal.”

William Smith
CEO, Jones Line Works

Mission Trail Waste Systems

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School Bus Fleet Safety

With up to eight cameras, 3rd Eye Safety systems wrap your school buses in 360° of camera coverage to monitor the bus and driver environment in real time. These systems provide real-time insights into driver and vehicle, offering data that is invaluable for protection against liability and for identifying coachable moments to develop safe driving behavior.

In addition, 3rd Eye IRIS Radar features increased frequency, allowing for the detection of multiple smaller objects at the same time. Instead of a fan pattern view, the new IRIS system tightens the detection zones – which means far better detection of obstructions, assisting drivers by notifying them of other vehicles as well as obstacles they may not see.

School Bus Camera Systems

School Bus Fleet Tracking

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Fleet Tracking Solutions

School Bus Fleet Tracking Software

School Bus Fleet Maintenance Software

School Bus Fleet Maintenance Software

3rd Eye Optim-Eyes® school bus maintenance technology uses AI to monitor your buses and transportation vehicles, and alert your team to potential issues before they occur. This enables you to take action before the issue arises and prevent a small problem from becoming a major one.

Optim-Eyes can automatically open work orders in your system, pre-order parts based on future needs, and even provide detailed work instructions for detected issues. Discover how 3rd Eye AI-based school bus fleet maintenance can improve uptime, reduce costs, and increase your bottom line

Fleet Maintenance Solutions

School Bus IFTA/Fuel Tax Reporting & Compliance

3rd Eye  services offer valuable insights like bus or school transportation vehicle location history, fuel usage, and mileage, easing administrative tasks for your drivers. We simplify complex tax matters like IFTA and Excise Tax filings by providing essential information. Partnering with 3rd Eye ensures optimized data handling for taxation and guarantees success with Certif-Eye for meeting contractual road usage requirements.

Fleet Compliance Solutions

School Bus fleet IFTA Fuel Tax Road Usage tracking software for tax reporting

Connected Collections

Improve Safety. Reduce costs. Automate processes. Improve bus up-time and maintenance. Connected Collections helps school bus and school transportation fleets better connect with their customers.

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