3rd Eye AWT2049SC36 Truck Side Camera

AWT2049SC36 Side-Mounted Truck Camera

SKU: AWT2049SC36

3rd Eye Mobile Vehicle Camera Systems are high-performance solutions, featuring built-in Infrared (IR) LED night vision.  The side-mounted heavy duty AWT2049SC36 camera provides side visibility, allowing the driver to maneuver around difficult or dangerous driving situations while turning and/or changing lanes.

The AWT2049SC36 Camera features a flexible camera design to accommodate all angles.  Integrated audio allows the driver to hear what the camera sees.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the industry, the best camera mounting bracket will be selected by our team of experts.  Please do not order standalone camera mounting bracket unless it is for replacement purposes. Double-threaded coax cable is not included in standalone purchases and is required for all cameras.  Please ask our team about bundle deals and how we can customize according to your application needs.

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