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Introducing the revolutionary 3rd Eye G1 Contact connected gateway. Delivering unparalled clarity, speed, and enhanced AI capabilities to your camera systems and technology solutions. This changes everything.

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Crystal-clear resolution, enhanced GPS precision, fast 4G speed, and advanced AI technology of the 3rd Eye G1 Contact.

The 3rd Eye G1 Contact revolutionizes camera and technology systems with unparalleled accuracy, clarity, and AI capabilities, offering crystal-clear visibility, unmatched speed, and intelligent functionality. Experience groundbreaking enhancements that bring your Connected Collections vision into sharper focus.

FHD High Resolution Truck Cameras


8K truck cameras


High precision GPS for truck telematics and cameras


AI truck cameras and AI video cameras


Fast 4g wireless truck cameras and video


60 FPS truck video cameras


Waste and recycling contamination detection cameras, monitoring, and software

The Vehicle Connectivity Challenges.

Connectivity and integration are crucial for modern-day organizations. When it comes to running your business, making decisions quickly is critical, and seconds can be the difference between success and failure. When it comes to your complete business, there are many different solutions, and they all need to work together to provide you with the best value. This complex web of integrated requirements is difficult to traverse and can require manual processes that delay key decisions! With the 3rd Eye Contact platform and G1 hardware, we’ve got you covered to make better decisions faster.

Facility Contamination Detection Made Simple.

The 3rd Eye Facility Contamination Detection identifies prohibited and specialty items at transfer stations, MRFs, and organics processing facilities. This cutting-edge automated system continuously scans the tipping floor, pinpointing prohibited materials and directly linking each to its source.

Increase diversion and simplify billing processes, ensuring precise cost assignment with photo evidence of contamination and responsible parties. Safeguard your team, recover lost revenue by preventing the need to sort materials after delivery, streamline operations by removing manual inspection bottlenecks, and support sustainability with 3rd Eye.

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MRF and transfer station smart contamination detection cameras and software

Add immediate value to your waste & recycling operations

  • Enhance Team Safety
  • Boost Facility Revenue
  • Optimize Operational Efficiency
  • Streamline Billing
  • Support Sustainability Objectives
  • Simplify Compliance

Truck scale refuse system software for garbage trucks

Facility Contamination Detection Is Fully Integrated With Soft-Pak!

As part of our Connected Collections ecosystem, 3rd Eye Facility Contamination Detection is seamlessly integrated with Scale-Pak, a scale management solution from our sister company, Soft-Pak.

Scale-Pak allows for full configuration of prohibited and specialty materials, including types and fees, along with vehicle/waste hauler identification for easy association and billing. Detected materials are automatically identified and documented with photographic evidence, enabling straightforward and accurate invoicing.

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Recycling contamination detection smart cameras

Record Disposal Activity

3rd Eye cameras record all activity on the transfer station or MRF tipping floor, providing the opportunity for detection of contamination and association with the responsible party.

MRF, transfer station, and scale house contamination detection software

Key Object Identification

3rd Eye Facility Contamination Detection identifies key prohibited or special objects such as mattresses, tires, construction debris, etc., without the need for manual inspection.

Recycling contamination association software cameras

Contamination Association

Detected contamination is automatically associated with the responsible vehicle/waste hauler, with photographic evidence, simplifying opportunity for invoicing.

Recycling contamination detection reporting software

Personalized Reports

Personalized reports provide the key information that allows you to maximize your operation’s efficiency, compliance, and profitability, all within the convenient, easy-to-use 3rd Eye interface.

MRF, landfill, transfer station safety

Improve Team Safety

Identify contamination or prohibited items without manual inspection by personnel on busy tipping floors. Boost safety and operator efficiency by eliminating the need for personnel on the ground.

Recycling contamination reduction software for sutainability

Support Sustainability

Simultaneously improve efficiency and support sustainability objectives by increasing landfill diversion of contaminants of recycling or organics through 3rd Eye automated Facility Contamination Detection.

Automated Recycling Contamination detection for garbage trucks

Have garbage trucks?
We have Route Contamination Detection too!

As part of our commitment to providing industry-leading end-to-end technology for the waste industry, 3rd Eye has a full array of contamination detection solutions for waste-hauling routes. 3rd Eye camera systems and monitoring allow for the automated monitoring and detection of commercial or residential contamination, all performed automatically without requiring manual driver action,

Route Contamination Detection

3rd Eye Facility Contamination Detection.

Technology that improves safety, efficiency, sustainability, and productivity.

To learn more about how 3rd Eye Facility Contamination Detection can help solve contamination challenges at scale houses, waste transfer stations, and MRF faciliites, contact us today and request a no-obligation demo.

3rd Eye Camera monthy payments for hardware haas

Convenient Monthly Ownership Options, Customized For Your Specific Needs.

The 3rd Eye monthly ownership options offer a convenient Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model that significantly reduces the upfront costs of equipment, aiding in the success of your business. Along with industry-leading camera systems, you’ll gain peace of mind through comprehensive technical service, support, and warranty protection. Our innovative approach to solution packaging is designed to enhance your total value stream while minimizing your initial out-of-pocket investment. For more information on our monthly ownership model and to learn more about the terms and conditions, please contact us to get started today.

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3rd Eye Connected Collections

Innovative technology solutions that help make better decisions, faster.

Generate revenue. Reduce cost. Automate processes. Connected Collections provides solutions that help make better decisions, faster, and better connect with their customers..

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