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AI-Powered Vehicle & Body Health.
See Issues BEFORE They Arise.

Vehicle and asset maintenance is not an easy task. Unforeseen issues arise on a daily basis, causing problems for your maintenance and operations team, decreasing productivity by causing vehicle breakdowns, or hampering the efficiency of your team.

Reduced productivity not only leads to decreased profitability, it can also tarnish your reputation with your customers. It’s critical to the success of your business to ensure that your fleet is functional and ready for work. Even with the most proactive team and the best mechanics, there will always be something that slips through the cracks.

Optim-Eyes® vehicle maintenance technology uses AI to monitor your vehicles and alert your team to potential issues before they occur. This enables you to take action before the issue arises and prevent a small problem from becoming a major one.

Continuous Vehicle Health Monitoring.
Measures Millions Of Data Points.

The 3rd Eye Optim-Eyes module is like having a personal doctor for your vehicles. Our intelligent solution constantly monitors millions of data points that are communicated throughout your chassis network. This allows us to listen to your vehicle’s “heartbeat” and understand what it needs to stay healthy.

Optim-Eyes puts you in control of your vehicle’s needs by allowing you to customize the types and frequency of alerts you receive. By controlling your alerting policy, you can implement new procedures and effectively address key issues. Our prescriptive maintenance options provide recommended best steps to help eliminate alerts in the future and reduce the risk of issues arising.

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Optim-Eyes Fleet Health And Service Keeps Our Fleet Healthy And On-Route.

Despite having some of the best mechanics and technicians in the waste business, our fleet experienced frequent breakdowns due to unforeseen issues that arose at the most inopportune times. With the current shortages of new trucks, you simply cannot afford to have trucks down, as spares are in extremely limited supply. In addition, every interruption of a route due to breakdown results in significant customer relationship issues if collections are interrupted or delayed.

3rd Eye’s Optim-Eyes has literally been a game-changer for our fleet. We can see issues before they arise, and when potential problems are detected, automatically adds a service event to our schedule, allowing the truck to be brought into the shop before a breakdown. I can’t imagine ever operating a fleet without this invaluable tool”

Bill Smith
Fleet Manager, WM

Mission Trail Waste Systems

Vehicle Maintenance Software

See Maintenance Issues BEFORE They Become A Problem.

Optim-Eyes offers automated vehicle diagnostic reporting with predictive maintenance analytics. Using intelligent AI processors, it captures the constant flow of broadcasted diagnostic messages (DM01) and J1939 chassis communications, constructing a comprehensive “medical record” for each vehicle.

Through historical tracking and continuous communication, Optim-Eyes stays a step ahead of your maintenance needs, with intelligent technology that transforms vehicle upkeep into a proactive, streamlined process, optimizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

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See Exactly What To Fix and
Exactly How To Fix It.

Optim-Eyes provides comprehensive diagnostics, detailing not only what needs fixing but also the how-to of the process. Its coverage spans a broad range of vehicle components – from the engine, brakes, and coolant, to both diesel and CNG fuel systems, electrical systems, and the exhaust. It even factors in how weather conditions can affect the vehicle’s performance.

By providing a meticulously detailed diagnosis and parts lists for each vehicle at this granular level, Optim-Eyes significantly minimizes the need for excess parts inventories. Ultimately, it reduces the demand for fleet spares, mitigating the burden of unanticipated breakdowns, streamline your operations, and saving both time and resources.

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Automatically Open Work Orders.
Proactively Order Parts.
All BEFORE Issues Arise.

Optim-Eye AI diagnosis includes a low, medium, or high severity level to allow for efficient shop labor scheduling and part planning. Our solution providers seamlessly integrate with a variety of maintenance platforms,  automatically creating work orders in your existing system. This harmonized integration, coupled with Optim-Eyes’ intelligent processing capabilities, optimizes your maintenance scheduling, enabling you to anticipate and address key issues before they occur.

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Full Body Health Solutions For Heil Refuse Bodies.

Optim-Eyes is custom designed to provide amazing insights into the health and future service/maintenance needs of Heil refuse trucks, through automated monitoring, diagnostic reporting, and intelligent, predictive maintenance analytics.

Leveraging advanced AI processors, it meticulously captures the Mobile Controller communications constantly broadcasted by your Heil body, combined with telemetry signals, analyzing millions of data points to provide a detailed snapshot of your refuse truck’s health, providing invaluable insights for its optimal upkeep.

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Increase Efficiency & Reduce Downtime.

Experience the revolution in fleet maintenance with Optim-Eyes by 3rd Eye Digital. Leverage its advanced AI-driven diagnostics and predictive maintenance analytics today, to optimize vehicle upkeep, increase efficiency, and significantly reduce downtime in your fleet operations.

With Optim-Eyes on your side, your team can feel more confident and comfortable knowing that we have their back.

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