Road Use, Fuel Tax, and IFTA Tax Filing & Reporting

Innovative automated solutions to simplify fuel and IFTA tax filing and reporting.

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Road Usage & IFTA Tax Compliance.
Are You Prepared?

Being compliant can be a tedious process, and collecting all the necessary information to feel confident can be nerve-racking. Knowing which forms to complete, what’s required for successful filing, and finding the right partner to guide you through can be a daunting task. Additionally, you must ensure that your data is accurate and traceable, which adds another layer of complexity. Different governmental bodies have unique requirements, leading to differences in the same process based solely on location.

A worst-case scenario for your business would be getting audited without having the necessary paper trail to show your compliance. Fortunately, Certif-Eye® from 3rd Eye® Digital can save the day by managing all of your data and converting it into the required reporting formats.

Automated Vehicle Use Data.
All At Your Fingertips.

Certif-Eye simplifies information management. Our intelligent system tracks vehicle utilization, ensuring accurate data storage and logging. By capturing critical information from the vehicle messaging network, we translate it into actionable insights for your business, enabling faster and better-informed decisions.

We extract valuable information such as your vehicle’s location history, fuel consumption, operating hours, and mileage. These details serve various contractual obligations and business processes. By utilizing our solutions, your drivers can concentrate on operating their equipment instead of administrative tasks and bureaucracy.

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Invaluable Information, All Automated In Its Collection:

  • Auditable data with customized data storage plans
  • Variable information sharing models for ease of data access
  • Partner recommendations for taxation filing and compliance
  • Near real-time data access for on-demand viewing
  • Optimize operational standards and practices
  • Understand asset utilization and monitoring

Road Usage Solutions.
Increase Fleet Productivity & Performance.

Certif-Eye’s Road Usage feature provides real-time operational insights for your fleet through the 3rd Eye Gateway. It tracks engine hours, odometer, fuel usage, idle time, and location, converting key data into actionable intelligence for optimal fleet utilization. This critical information supports DVIR DOT compliance, driver effectiveness, and asset utilization analysis.

3rd Eye presents this detailed data in a user-friendly dashboard, aiding quick, informed decision-making. Identify and address issues swiftly, such as excessive idling, prolonged vehicle operation, route inefficiencies, and high fuel consumption. Partner with 3rd Eye for smarter fleet management.

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Accurate & Consistent Vehicle Data.
Effortless IFTA Reporting & Filing.

IFTA reporting varies from state to state. Depending on operation type,  filing may be needed for many states simultaneously. Quarterly filing requires accurate data and information that can support each statement. Required information must document where vehicles were utilized, including fuel type, fuel usage, and odometer readings.

IFTA, powered by Certif-Eye ensures ACCURATE and CONSISTENT capture of vehicle data, gathered in near-real-time, with long-term storage options available. Capture and track fuel usage, fuel type, and odometer readings, and combine these features with our sub-second geospatial data extrapolation, allowing for precise identification of fleet operating location, and providing all information necessary for IFTA filing requirements.

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Simplify Fleet Fuel Excise Tax Filing, Reporting, and Recovery.

Certif-Eye’s Excise Fuel Tax Recovery enables fast and accurate calculation of asset fuel utilization, streamlining your Federal fuel tax-recovery filings. It captures fuel usage, type, and odometer readings in near real-time, categorized by public or private land usage. This facilitates quick identification of non-taxable fuel use, often eligible for tax recovery.

For refuse fleets using Connected Collections, fuel utilization data can be accessed via the Heil® body network. Whether you’re operating on or off-road, this solution offers multiple options for fuel tax recovery.

This streamlined approach simplifies complex data collection, adapting to your specific state requirements. Efficiently track and document fuel usage for effective tax recovery with Certif-Eye.

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3rd Eye Makes IFTA, Fuel & Excise Tax Reporting Simple.

As the owner of a construction company, we’re really good at what we do. Every tax season, our accountant reviews our vehicle usage information, and it’s all all-out scramble to fill in the gaps, retrace our steps, and provide the vehicle information that is needed.

Certif-Eye from 3rd Eye completely removed the manual processes, and lets the drivers focus on their job rather than being bookeepers. It’s beautiful, the information that we need is right there in our dashboard making tax compliance and reporting incredibly simple. “

Salvatore Corleone
CEO, Godfather Construction

Mission Trail Waste Systems

A Partner That You Can Count On.
Making Reporting & Tax Filing Hassle-Free.

With 3rd Eye as a partner, detailed information is displayed in an easy-to use dashboard, allowing fleets to make better decisions, faster. Our easy-to-use customer interface allows fleets to identify and address issues such as: drivers idling beyond expectations, vehicles operating longer than expected, excessive fuel consumption, and more!

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Certif-Eye Provides Unbeatable Value:

  • Auditable data with customized data storage plans
  • Variable information sharing models for ease of data access
  • Partner recommendations for taxation filing and compliance
  • Near real-time data access for on-demand viewing
  • Optimize operational standards and practices
  • Understand asset utilization and monitoring

Simplify Tax Reporting and Filing.
All Without Manual Driver Action.

Streamline your tax reporting and filing with 3rd Eye’s Certif-Eye technology suite. This powerful solution automates road usage, Fuel Tax, and IFTA reporting, eliminating the need for manual driver inputs. Get precise, real-time data effortlessly, simplifying your operational and compliance tasks.

Don’t let complex tax requirements slow you down. Optimize your fleet’s financial efficiency, expedite decision-making, and unlock potential savings. 3rd Eye provides everything you need to simplify tax reporting and filing. Make the smart move—reach out today to experience the ease of Certif-Eye


Connected Collections

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